Print to DynaFile Installation

The Print to DynaFile utility can be downloaded using the links below.  This utility is extremely lightweight and should be able to be installed (by an administrative account on each workstation) within a few minutes. 

Print To DynaFile Installer:

Choose only one based on computer type (for 32-bit computers) (for 64-bit computers)

All of the installation options (including those for the PrintToDynaFile driver) should be left as default. 

Please be aware that you should only Print to DynaFile in the rarest occasions, such as not having any other method to save said document to your computer and drag-and-drop it over your Save to DynaFile desktop shortcut.

Printed documents will save 10-20 times larger than a file saved in its native format, e.g. saving a PDF to your desktop and then dragging-and-dropping it over your Save to DynaFile desktop shortcut.

Learn more about how to use Print to DynaFile