Document Links

Rather than emailing a document as an attachment, a Document Link will allow you to send a direct link to your document. This is ideal for large documents since it keeps your file stored securely in DynaFile. Private links will require authentication from the recipient before they can view the file.

Public Links

A public link creates an open link for a document. Any person that has this link can access the document without authentication. 

Users must have Public Link Access Rights to create public links

Private Links

This option is ideal for sharing documents containing sensitive information since it requires authentication from the recipient before they can view the document. The recipient must also be a user in DynaFile. When they click the link, DynaFile will prompt the user to sign in.

Users must have Private Link Access Rights to create public links

Email Link 

This option allows you to create a public or private document link which allows you to email to one or more recipients.

Create Link 

Create Link allows you to create a public or private document link that you can copy and paste wherever necessary. You can also use this to create public links that can expire after a certain amount of time.