Document Access Management Verticals

Document Access Management Verticals are an important method to ensure that group permissions are not inadvertently over provisioned.  

Management Verticals enforce you to define a single document index field to have Modify and Delete permissions assigned to either individual index field values or globally for all index field values. Accidental over-provisioning occurs when more than one index allows for escalated Modify and Delete permissions. Management Verticals prevent this from happening.

When creating a new group, you must define a Management Vertical at the point of group creation. However, when editing an existing group, if the Management Vertical was not previously defined, then you have the option to specify one, which will cause all the Modify and Delete permissions of the other indexes to simply revert to View permissions.

When setting the Management Vertical, the clear majority of the time, that vertical will be the Document Type. Should you feel that you want to specify a different index as the management vertical, please contact your account manager or email to discuss your requirements and they can assist with ensuring that your group permissions are configured correctly.

A simple explanation as to the need for Management Verticals:

Say you think that you need to provide a group named HR Generalists Modify permissions to all Active employees, and that they should be able to Modify all Document Types.  However, for regulatory reasons, you only want them to View (not Modify) I-9 Forms.  You think that simply removing the Modify permissions to I-9 Forms will accomplish this, but since they already have Modify permissions to all Active employees, they will still be able to modify those I-9's.  As DynaFile's index permissions are "and'ed" together (compounded among all indexes), there should only be one index that provides escalated Modify and Delete permissions and the Management Vertical enforces this.