Importing Documents

There are multiple ways to import documents into DynaFile. The best way, however, depends on a few different things:

  • File Size
  • Number of Documents
  • If you're importing a paper or electronic document

You will always be asked to Register a document when you import it into DynaFile.

Learn more about Document Indexing

Uploading to DynaFile 

Use the Upload feature to easily import a single electronic document to DynaFile. When uploading, simply select Repository and you will see a Registration window appear to save said document into the system immediately.

The Upload menu will also offer Barcode Processing, Batch Processing, and Drop Box.

It is unlikely that you will need to upload to Barcode Processing, as this would require and electronic barcode packet for you to upload.

  • When doing Barcode Processing, for the majority of the time you will working with paper files, assembling the barcode packet as directed and then scanning the paper packet into the system via your copier or scanner.

You can upload to Batch Processing if you need to split-out an electronic document into multiple distinct documents. Remember that Batch Processing can only parse files in PDF or TIFF formats. If you try to upload a Word document or Excel file to the system you will see an error message referencing "Invalid File Extension". As a workaround, you can always save documents as a PDF.

  • As a best practice, if said file does not need to be split-out into multiple documents, then you would always utilize the Repository upload option.

Uploading to the Drop Box is simply a method to upload any document into DynaFile via secure, encrypted route. Files saved to the Drop Box are not associated with any specific employee - it is merely a separate holding area for documents.

Saving to DynaFile 

Save to DynaFile is the best way to import multiple electronic documents to DynaFile at the same time. To do this, you would utilize the Save to DynaFile Utilities that should be installed on your computer.

  • Using Save to DynaFile is as simple as dragging and dropping documents over the virtual drive shortcut that you have on your desktop.
  • You can find this program under File Explorer > This PC > Devices and Drives.
  • You can also save this program to Quick Access in File Explorer to drag-and-drop files from a share file or network drive. When you do this it will show as SavetoTemp.
    Do not change the name from SavetoTemp, as it will cause the program to not function from your Quick Access shortcuts.
It is also important that you do not save documents within them from the File > Save to or Save as and then selecting the DynaFile drive - some programs will not connect to the DynaFile drive. As a best practice, electronic attachments in emails will need to anchored as a copy on your desktop and then dragged and dropped over your DynaFile drive.

Scanning to DynaFile 

Scanning Documents to DynaFile will allow you to save and index paper files as they are transmitted to the cloud from your scanning device.

If scanning into DynaFile with a multi-function copier (MFC), please see the instructions here for Scanning into DynaFile with a Multi-Function Copier