Importing Documents

There are multiple ways to import documents into DynaFile. The best way, however, depends on a few different things:

  • File Size
  • Number of Documents
  • If you're importing a paper or electronic document

You will always be asked to Register a document when you import it into DynaFile.

Learn more about Document Indexing

Uploading to DynaFile 

Use the Upload feature to easily import a single electronic document to DynaFile.

Saving to DynaFile 

Save to DynaFile is the best way to import multiple electronic documents to DynaFile at the same time.

Printing to DynaFile 

Print to DynaFile allows you to print un-editable documents on the fly.

Scanning to DynaFile 

While Scanning Documents DynaFile will allow you to index files automatically while they are scanned to the cloud.