Save to DynaFile Registration Window Disappears

If you are experiencing issues with trying to save electronic documents into DynaFile via the virtual drive in the form of a desktop shortcut on your machine, that window is likely hidden from your view.

This is mostly likely to occur if you have a laptop that you undock or disconnect from a second monitor – the DynaFile registration window is trying to go to the inactive screen.

This is a known issue here at DynaFile and while this fix might seem strange, this is how Windows PCs handles windows that are trying to appear on hidden screens. Any time you run into this issue again, please follow the steps below to make it reappear:

Forcing Registration Window to Move to Active Monitor:

  1. Add a document to the Save to DynaFile desktop shortcut folder so that the DynaFile icon appears in the taskbar
  2. Hold Shift and then right Click on the DynaFile window in the taskbar and select ‘Move’
  3. From here, your mouse arrow should change to a 4-point arrow icon
  4. Hit all arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right), it does not matter in which order
  5. Move your mouse slightly and you should see that indexing window pop into view, and stick to your mouse
  6. Click your mouse to unstick the window and you should be able to enter your classification information from there
If this does not solve the issue, please reach out to your DynaFile Account Manager so they can further troubleshoot with you.

Documents Are Uploaded Multiple Times When Saving from Within Adobe Acrobat

If you notice that multiple copies of the same uploaded file keep saving repeatedly into the system, this is because the Adobe program is keeping a lock on the file, which DynaFile cannot delete, so it continues to upload.

As a best practice, for all electronic documents you are saving into DynaFile, do not ‘Save as’ from said program, but make a copy of the document onto your desktop to drag-and-drop over your virtual DynaFile drive. This will prevent any snags from occurring when any given program will not relinquish the file to that drive.

You can also prevent duplicate uploads by closing the Adobe program, but do continue to save all documents to your desktop for upload purposes.

Tip: Save attachments from emails on your desktop, and not dragging them from the email client over the virtual drive on your desktop.