Add New Group

Administrators can add a new user group to DynaFile from the Group Administration screen.

To Add a New User Group:

  1. Select Admin from the Menu Bar
  2. Select Group Administration from the Admin Menu
  3. Click on the Create New Group button  at the top of the Group Administration screen
  4. Name your new User Group and add a description if desired
  5. Select the Document Management Vertical desired
    • Management Verticals allow you to define a single document index field to have Modify and Delete permissions assigned to either individual index field values or globally for all index field values. By using a Management Vertical, you are ensuring that you are not inadvertently over-provisioning any access as no more than one index should allow for escalated Modify and Delete permissions.
    • The vast majority of the dime, document types will utilize the Document Management Vertical
  6. From here, you can now Edit the Group's members, rights and access