Retrieving Documents

Your employee files are stored according to the indexing properties, or ways of classifying a document entered when Registering the Document. You will be able to pull up any document using the indexing information associated with them.

So, searching for one Employee or documents with a Description of W-4, only.

Index Search

The Search panel allows you to pull up documents by their Indexing Information

It is very important that you utilize the Search panel when you are searching for an retrieving documents, as opposed to spot-checking within your Index Browser.

Index Browsing

The Index Browsing panel will allows you to browse through folders of documents sorted by their Indexing Information.

You will only see folders in the Index Browser if there are actual documents in the system referencing their classifications as they are virtual folders. So, if you have scanned in Jane Smith's entire employee file - you will see a folder for her in DynaFile. If you have not scanned in Michael Brown's employee file - then you would not see him in the system yet.

The folders in the Index Browser are automatically generated for you once you upload or scan in a file and classify it accordingly. You will never go into DynaFile and create empty employee folders - they will be created when you continue to add documents to the system with the associated classification information you enter.

The folders in your Index Browser can be used a quick-click options to navigate to a certain employee or document type in their folder, but you will not see the actual documents in their files when you expand a Payroll or Benefits file in the Index Browser. The actual documents will appear in your Search Results panel.

Filtered Search

Filtered search is a great option since documents stored in DynaFile are Cross-Referenced. To do this, add another property in DynaFile's Search Panel to narrow down results.

To do this, you can use a variety of your indexes or classifications in the system - for instance, searching on a specific Status and Department and Document Type and Date Range.