Group Administration

Administrators, with proper permissions, can manage User Groups from the Group Administration area.  From here, User Groups can be created to assign document specific access for multiple users at the same time. 

This function can be helpful when you have a group of users who should all have the same access to one or more Document Types, and only those document types. As is the case with any specific document access being granted, you must assign access to all other structured indexes in your DynaFile system. For instance, someone might need to see Payroll documents and only those - you will also need to give the group access to your Status index, Department index (if applicable), Company index (if applicable) and so on.

Once added, you will see the option to assign users to said group under User Administration on the third tab for Document Access (which will be under the standard system groups 1, 2, and 3.)

Keep in mind, you always must specify and grant each unique user their User Information and Access Rights within their individual profile at the User Administration level.

From here you can:

  • Add / Remove groups
  • Control access for the users in those groups
Note, only users with User Administration Access Rights have permission to access the Group Administration area.

To access the Group Administration area:

  1. Select Admin (link) from the Menu Bar 
  2. Select Group Administration 
Only users with User Administration Access Rights have permission to access the Group Administration area

Add New Group 

Admins, with permissions, can add groups to DynaFile by using the Add New Group option.

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Edit Group

Admins, with permissions, can manage document access for user groups from the Group Administration menu.

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Delete Group

Admins, with permissions, can delete groups from DynaFile from the Group Administration menu. 

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Structured Index Access For Groups

Admins, with permissions, can control access for Structured Indexes in DynaFile. Permissions can be set Globally for Structured Index Fields (SIF) as well as for specific Structured Index Values (SIV). Access can be assigned on an individual user basis as well as on a group-level basis. Admins can assign Global Access for an entire Structured Index Field (SIF). Access can also be assigned per specific Structured Index Value(s) (SIV). 

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Group Specific Document Access 

Unique users can be granted access to specific documents just like individual users. Admin users, with permissions, can manage specific document access for User Groups from the Group Administration area.

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