Edit Office

Admin users, with permissions, can edit Office information, modify settings and add / remove users from the Office Administration creen.

To Edit an Office location:

  1. Select Admin from the Menu Bar
  2. Select Office Administration from the Admin Menu
  3. Select the Office you would like to edit. You can search alphabetically from the top of the screen to find it more quickly
  4. From here you can edit any information about the Office, modify settings and add / remove users.

    Administrative Email
    Office admins can be contacted with questions regarding that location

    Fax Cover Sheet
    If you would like faxes coming from this Office location to include a cover sheet, select which document you would like to use here

    Fax Account Configuration
    Enter fax server information here. Contact Customer Support for help setting this up

  5. Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen when you have finished
  6. Your Office settings have been updated