Best Practices and Troubleshooting

DynaFile is a dynamic document management solution. The points provided in these best practices are meant to help administrators customize DynaFile for your organization's specific needs. 

User Groups 

User Groups are an important feature of DynaFile and can save administrators a ton of time. Instead of assigning access for each individual user in your DynaFile system, utilize User Groups to assign access to multiple users at once.

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Reports for Auditing 

Every installation of DynaFile comes complete with important audit reports. These reports help administrators keep track of activity happening within DynaFile as well as what users in the system can access. Administrators should periodically run these reports to stay up to date on the status of the system and its users.

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Managing Terminated or On-Leave Users

Always Delete any DynaFile users who have left your organization permanently. This will prevent them from accessing the system at a later date. Keep in mind, deleting a user will not delete any documents they personally added to DynaFile nor will it purge any of their actions which you might need to audit. It simply prevents them from accessing the system.

To do this, you would click into their User Profile and click on the Delete button at the bottom of the User Information tab.

  • As an added security protocol, deleted user is accounts are locked, preventing another User Administrator from re-adding the terminated employee as a DynaFile user again.
  • If you do happen to accidentally delete a user that should remain in the system or a terminated employee gets re-hired, simply reach out to your DynaFile Account Manager to clear the deleted user lock, thereby allowing you to re-create the user account. You will note that if you try to re-add a deleted user to the system prior to the lock being cleared, there will be an error message that says their account already exists.

For any employee that may be going on leave or out of the office for a prolonged period of time, you would simply deactivate their account. When they are back, you can reactivate just as easily.

To do this, you would click into their User Profile and uncheck the Activate Account checkbox toward the bottom of the User Information tab. When they are back, you would follow the aforementioned steps, and in this case recheck the box.

Logging In

When you are at the DynaFile log-in page, it is important that you check off the Remember Me box under your log-in credentials. This will keep you logged-into the system for a rolling two-week period (as long as you access DynaFile within that two-week period, you will stay logged-in). If you neglect to check off the Remember Box, the system will log you out after a 15-20 minute period of inactivity.

Your own organization might have security protocols regarding staying logged-into a system that can house sensitive data - always refer to your internal DynaFile System Administrator for questions on internal best practices.

Barcode Scanning

Always reference your Barcode Scanning Log after every few barcode packets you scan into the system. This can be found under Tools and then View Reports from there. If your barcode packet is not put together perfectly, then nothing in said packet will process in the system. This log will show you what the error was and which page it occurred on allowing you to isolate the issue easily.

The most common barcode scanning errors are:

Your packet did not contain a data page at the front specifying which employee the documents belong to - this usually occurs when you meant to scan something to Batch Processing instead.

If your packet has two Document Type barcode pages next to each other in the packet. Do not include document type barcodes in any barcode packet if you do not have documents that specifically reference them included.

- For instance, if Jane Smith does not have any Payroll documents included in the barcode packet you plan to scan, then you would not include any Payroll document type barcodes in the scan.

Your packet didn't have an End Page barcode in it. This usually occurs if your scanning device does a double-pull of paper. You can usually re-scan in the packet and it will likely process.

Please note that if you ever see an error occur in the Barcode Scanning Log and you've confirmed that you assembled the packet correctly - it might be time to generate new barcodes out of DynaFile under Tools and then Barcode Generation. Paper quality depletes over time and ink flakes off so it is not uncommon to have the need to generate new barcodes and print them out from time to time.

If you plan to print out your Document Type and End Page barcodes on colored paper - we can recommend light, light yellow as the color that consistently works. If you should decide to use different colors, you will likely need to heavily test if those barcode packets process in the system - typically scanners will read in that colored paper a one big blacked-out page.

Never, ever make copies of printed barcodes you've generated from DynaFile. The resolution of copied barcodes will not be sufficient to scan and process in DynaFile. Always generate all barcodes from DynaFile under Tools and then Barcode Generation.

When you print out your barcodes, please do a spot-check and confirm that they look crisp and clean - sometimes inkjet printers cause the ink to bleed thus making the barcodes useless.

Batch Processing

When you are indexing a batched document in the Batch Processing screen, your work is not saving as you go. It is not saved to the system until you click on the Complete Batch button and confirm. Therefore, you do not want to scan in a batch that contains more documents than you can reasonably index in one-sitting. This way if your computer times out or you get pulled away, you don't have the potential to lose work. At this point in the system, there is not a function to save a batch in the middle of indexing it. Usually, depending on your comfort with Batch Processing people can batch out between 25-100 pages in one-sitting.

Only do formatting changes (on the upper-left side of the document view - rotate/deletions) before you begin to classify the documents in your batch. You could potentially lose all previous indexing work by rotating a page 30 pages in and need to start all over.

When you are working in a batch, you will not be able to click down to the next page until you index the first with the required Index Fields. Batch Processing is not meant to review files - rather you are in this menu so you can index and complete the classification of the file.

You will always check off the Start New Document checkbox when you need to split-out and distinguish the previous page as a new Employee or Document Type, ect. When doing so, you will see a blue bar appear on the left delineating those two documents. You will note that the Start New Document box is greyed-out for the first page as the system intuitively knows that Page 1 in a batch is the start of a new document.

Your batches housed on the Process Scan Batches screen will always be ordered from oldest to newest and won't expire or be purged from the system unless one of your DynaFile users deletes them. You don't want the batches housed there to keep growing to the point where you have hundreds waiting to be classified only so that it won't be a daunting task down the line to index and save them into the system.


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