Process Scan Batches

The Batch Processing folder consists of all un-indexed files in the system. Before they are put in the appropriate location, they must be Indexed.

To Process Batches:

  1. Select Tools in the Menu Bar
  2. Select Process Scan Batches option
  3. If there are multiple Scanning Locations set up, select the location from the drop down menu
  4. Select your Scan Batch from the Batch Processing list to enter the Batch Processing Screen 
  5. Enter the required Document Properties for the first page of the Scan Batch in the Index Panel
    Learn more about Document Registration
  6. The Start of New Document box will be checked by default
  7. Select the next first page of the new document in the Batch Panel
  8. Select the Start of New Document checkbox in the Index Panel to designate the beginning of a new document
  9. Repeat steps 5-9 until all documents in the Batch have been indexed
  10. Select Batch Complete
  11. All documents will be processed and filed in the proper location

Batch Processing Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the following shortcuts below to process batches of documents quickly and efficiently.

[Alt+Control-N] or [Enter]: Next Page
[Alt+Control-P]: Previous Page
[Alt+Control-S]: Start of New Document
[Alt+Control-B]: Batch Complete
[Alt+Control-L]: Rotate Current Page CCW
[Alt+Control-R]: Rotate Current Page CW
[Tab]: Tab Forward Through Index Fields
[Shift+Tab]: Tab Backward Through Index Fields
[Alt+Down Arrow]: Expand Drop Down Selection