User Administration

Admins, with permissions, have the ability to manage other user accounts from the User Administration area.  From here you can add / remove users and control their access rights. 

Note, only users with Access Rights have permission to access the User Administration area

To access the User Administration area:

  1. Select Admin from the Menu Bar 
  2. Select User Administration from the Admin Menu

Add New User 

Admins, with permissions, can add users to DynaFile by using the Add New User button in the User Administration area. 

Learn more about Adding New Users

Delete User

Admins, with permissions, can delete users from DynaFile using the User Admin Area.

Learn more about Deleting Users

User Access Rights

Admins, with permissions, can manage access rights for other users from the User Admin area.

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Group Membership

User Groups can be used to control access rights for multiple users at the same time. With permissions, admins can manage group memberships for other users.

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Structured Index Access

Admins, with permissions, have the ability to manage access for Structured Index Fields (SIF) as well as for specific Structured Index Values (SIV). Access permissions ca be applied on an individual-level as well as a group-level.

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Specific Document Access 

Users can be granted access rights to specific documents. Admin users, with permissions, can manage this from the User Administration area.

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