Users that have administrative Access Rights are able to use the Administration menu to manage other users, run reports and more. Admin access rights are managed from the User Administration screen.

File Administration 

No one, other than the highest level IT administrator should have access to this area. File Administration is used to access, manage, and delete all files in the system.

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Admin users can run various Reports (including custom reports) on user and system activity in this section.

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User Administration 

Here, you can set up new users, delete user accounts and control access permissions for specific users. Admins are also able to deactivate users for a temporary amount of time.

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Group Administration 

Here, you can set up new user groups, delete user groups and control access permissions for specific user groups.

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Office Administration 

Here, you can set up new offices, delete offices and control access permissions for specific offices.

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Index Field Administration

DynaFile uses Index Fields to categorize or classify your documents in the system. Admin users, with permissions, can manage Index Fields in DynaFile from the Index Field Administration Screen.

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Mass Delete

Mass Delete is used to delete more than one document at once. Only experienced users should have the authorization of this feature. 

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Site Administration

Here, you can add details about the site administrator and the organization using the system.

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