Scanning Documents

DynaFile uses scan-to-cloud technology to create your secure cloud-based filing cabinet. You can scan multiple large, multi-page documents right into DynaFile using three different methods. These methods are the options we offer for your existing paper files, as well as any paper documents that you might need to add to the system at a later date.

Barcode Scanning 

Barcode Scanning is best used when a company has a paper filing system and has their files mostly organized.  The system will use barcode recognition to automatically sort large folders into their separate documents and file them accordingly. You will likely only use this method for scanning in the entire paper file for one person at a time.

Batch Processing 

Batch Processing is used to scan a large stack of documents into DynaFile and Index them immediately. This is great when you are dealing with disorganized files that are not broken down to clear sections, or if you have a lot of different paperwork for a lot of different people that you were prefer to index in the system.

One Touch Scanning

DynaFile can be used with most office scanners, however, some models are of better quality and more user-friendly. This comes into play especially when it comes to optimizing file formats and creating DynaFile scans. Desktop scanners can also provide the ability to Skip Blank Pages, give scanned files certain names - perhaps by user, and allow you to adjust compression and contrast on the scanned images.

We can always provide recommendations on desktop devices if you contact Support