Document Registration

DynaFile organizes documents by Indexing them uniquely into the system. The Index Values are used to file documents immediately after scanning. You will then be able to search for, and retrieve them. 

What is an Index Field?

DynaFile is an Indexed, virtual filing cabinet. Documents that get stored in the system are categorized by various taxonomies called Index Fields. Administrators have complete control over Index Field values within DynaFile. 

Registration Panel

You will be prompted to Register a document every time you import a document into DynaFile. If the document is not Indexed when it is imported, the file will be stored in Batch Processing automatically.

To Register a document:

  1. Enter the required indexing information in the registration fields
  2. Select Save Registration
  3. Your document will be saved in the specific location automatically 

Batch Processing Registration

The Document Registration Panel at the top of the screen during Batch Processing.

Learn more about Batch Processing

Cross Referencing

Use the filtered search to pull up documents by Cross Referencing. 

Ex. Your HR department may classify documents in DynaFile by Employee ID, Employment Status and Document Type. Every document you add to DynaFile for that specific employee will have the same unique Employee ID. You can easily pull up their entire file by searching for the ID number.

Edit Registration

After importing and indexing a document, you may have to edit it at a later time. You can do this by updating its Indexing information.

Edit / Move Document

To Edit a Registration for multiple documents at once, the Edit / Move Document feature will let you do just this.