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Log in to DynaFile

Access your cloud-based filing system from your chosen DynaFile website.

  1. Use any web-enabled computer or device
  2. Open your browser of choice
  3. Enter your unique DynaFile URL in the address bar

Log in To DynaFile

Log in with your company's unique URL.

Log in to DynaFile with your Unique Home Page

  1. Enter Username (e-mail address)
    • If you do not know your Username, ask your System Administrator
  2. Enter Password
  3. Submit 

Register As a New User

Have your company administrator add you to the system.

On the Home Page, you will have the option to register as a new user. Once the new user registration form is filled out, the information will be sent to the System Administrator. The System Administrator must approve the form and you will receive a confirmation email when it has been completed.

Recover a Lost Password

Users who have lost or forgotten a password should use the Lost Password button on the home page.

Located on the Home Page, a user can find the Lost Password button. Here, you will be asked to submit your email address. This will reset your password and email you a new one. Once logged in, you may make a new password in User Preferences.